rainbow park nurseries
about rainbowpark nurseries
Rainbow Park Nurseries is a wholesale nursery specialising in the production of indoor and ornamental plants.

Rainbow Park Nurseries is one of the largest and most modern nurseries in the country producing indoor plants in 17000 square meters of heated greenhouses and a selected range of ornamental plants suitable for the patio and garden. The greenhouses utilise the latest technology to provide a high quality growing environment for the year round production of plants.

Founded in 1974 the nursery has a reputation for innovation and quality, supplying plants to florists, garden centres, and chain stores. Close connections with European plant breeders have enabled the company to introduce the latest varieties to the New Zealand market, many of which are now regular features in the interior and landscape.

Rainbow Park has pioneered the introduction of a number of new house plants to the market such as anthuriums, bromeliads, and phalaenopsis orchids. Rainbow Park is very proud of their relationship with leading Rose Breeder Poulsens of Denmark, enabling them to introduce the newest breeds of Roses to the New Zealand market.

The combined nurseries have over 40 employees many of whom are professionally qualified and as a company we have over 30 years experience in the Industry.