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Roses  Parade®, PatioHit®, Palace®

Parade® Roses are miniature roses – genuine pot plant roses that are mainly used indoors, singly or together in a basket. They are also extremely suitable for outdoor use, in tubs or pots on the patio or planted out in the garden. They have a long keeping quality.

All Poulsen Roser pot roses are tested outdoors extensively in the breeding nursery and the Parade® roses have been further selected for the flower keeping quality indoors. After enjoying the rose indoors they can be planted outdoors in tubs or pots on the patio. Regular pruning will encourage new growth and flowering.

Plant Care

Indoors roses are fond of light and should be placed in as much light as possible but not directly in the sun during the hottest part of the year. Roses do not like extremely high temperatures. They can easily take ordinary room temperatures, but if you find a cool place with alot of light, the flowers will keep longer and the green buds will develop into full bloom. You can encourage flowering by cutting off the withered flowers. Roses use a lot of water and are intolerant of drying out. When watering it is best to water directly into the pot and not over the foliage. There are are a number of ways of judging when a pot needs water, from the colour of the peat to the weight of the container. Water regularly and avoid leaving the pot sitting in water or water logged potting mix. A well aerated potting mix is critical to a healthy root system and overly wet mixes contain less air.

It is important to feed your roses growing in containers regularly and the best way is to use a proprietary liquid fertiliser in each watering at the recommended strength. The greater need for nourishment is during the growth phase, reducing during the flowering phase and stopping during dormancy. When you buy your Parade rose it will have adequate fertiliser for about six weeks depending on the temperature and plant growth.

Planting into a container it is important that the pot is the appropriate size. As a rule of thumb you can say the rose ought to be roughly the same height as the pot. Choose a container with a hole in the base so that excess moisture can drain out. Before planting the rose you can make a drain layer first using small stones about 5cm deep. It is extremely important that the rose gets planted in a good quality potting mix. The mix needs to be good at retaining moisture and nutrients, while having good porosity so that the roots get sufficient oxygen. If there are problems with your rose it can be interesting to carefully knock the rose out of the container and look at the root system. You should see healthy white roots all through the container. Root die back can often be caused by lack of air in the mix from overwatering or poor quality mix, or fertiliser burn.

Cutting propagated roses such as the Parade, Castle and Town and Country are preferred for container cultivation as they have a root system with more fibrous roots best able to fetch water and fertiliser from the limited growing area.


The Rose market has undergone revolutionary changes in recent years with the development away from the traditional garden rose to a new breed of pot roses sold in the spring and summer in full bloom. Poulsen Roser are the World's leading rose breeder in developing this market, selling more than 50 million pot roses globally through a network of licensed growers. We are delighted with our association with Poulsen Roser and with their support are progressively introducing the latest varieties of Parade®, Town and Country® and Castle Roses® to the New Zealand market.
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Parade® and Patiohit® Roses
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Sept - May


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