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Grafted Tomatoes

Our 12cm Tomato plants are grafted onto a rootstock called Spirit F1 Hybrid. The benefit of the rootstock is that the variety grafted onto the rootstock will have more vigorous growth and added disease resistance. The rootstock has resistance to a number of known tomato diseases which will benefit the plant and lead to heavier cropping and less reliance on chemicals for disease control.

Plant Care

Our selections are suitable for both garden and container cultivation. With containers it is important to use a quality container mix that has been adjusted for pH and contains fertiliser. We would recommend either top dressing with a slow release fertiliser such as osmocote or liquid feeding on a regular basis. Further information is available from publications such as the Yates Garden Guide.
It is important to be vigilant for pests and diseases and then consult your local plant retailer for advice.

Special Features

The following varieties are grafted onto the Spirit F1 Hybrid rootstock:
Roma - a determinate or dwarf variety that produces pear shaped fruit on a vigorous plant. It is a good acid free home garden variety also suitable for processing. The fruit are thick walled with very few seeds.Maturity is approximately 70-80 days.
Grosse Lisse - a tall vigorous plant growing to over 1 metre producing Beefstake type fruit. Matures in approximately 80-90 days.
Russian Red - a very good outdoor variety, tall, vigorous and tolerant of cooler conditions.
Patio - suitable for containers or small gardens, these compact plants produce about a 4oz slicing tomato ona dark green bushy plant.
Moneymaker - large vigorous plants producing globe shaped fruit of approximately 100 grams.Excellent disease resistance and can reach a height of approximately 2 metres.


It is critical that vegetables in the garden receive a minimum of 6 hours sunlight per day.
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