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Salanova® Lettuces
Salanova Lettuce 6 pack
Salanova® Lettuces
Salanova® Lettuces
Salanova® Lettuces
Salanova® Lettuces
Salanova® Lettuces
Salanova® Lettuces
Lettuce Triple Planted
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Salanova® Lettuces

New Salanova® lettuce is available in a variety of shapes and colours, from green to dark red. This well-known lettuce has many more leaves than other lettuce types.
In the coming years there will be even more shapes and colours. One example is oak leaf Salanova®. This lettuce is red with a fresh-green heart. A truly unique Salanova® with incised leaves. This shape offers a frilled lettuce with fresh-green and warm-red leaves.

Having such a choice of diverse lettuce varieties that are crispy and tasty means that many different salad combinations can be created. With Salanova everyone can enjoy a healthy, fresh salad.
Check out the Salanova® web site www.salanova.net .

Plant Care

Our advanced grade 6-pack Salanova® is so good that it is almost ready to eat. Plant your Salanova® lettuce in containers, on the window sill or in the garden and in a few weeks you can be picking individual leaves to make delicious salads. To achieve best results, pick a spot where the lettuce will get a minimum of six hours of sun each day and water well. Occasional liquid feeds will be beneficial.

If harvested whole the Salanova® will regrow from the base a second time.

Special Features

The Salanova® selections we produce are aphid resistant, no need for spraying.


Place your Salanova® in a garden or container where it will get a minimum of 6 hours sun each day and water well.


Check out the www.lovemysalad.com web site for delicious salads submitted by salad lovers the world over.Love my salad is an interactive platform for salad lovers which connects consumers and professionals. It is a place where anyone with a passion for fresh salads can join in, share their knowledge and inspire others.

After all we want more people to enjoy eating healthy fresh food every day and that is important!

Love my salad is initiated by Rijk Zwaan, a family owned vegetable breeding company who, together with a community of regular contributors, growers, chefs and just passionate salad lovers have decided to get involved.

Currently there is such an enormous selection of food alternatives that people can forget how delicious and healthy vegetables are. Salanova® is a perfect example: essential vitamins and minerals, without fat or sugar. A combination of Salanova®, tomatoes and peppers provides you with the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. All pure nature that is 100% effective.


Salanova®: a product of nature
Historically, lettuce has long been a part of our diet. The wild varieties selected for eating were bitter and chewy. The Romans cooked their lettuce, like they cooked endive.
With Salanova® that is no longer necessary!

By selectively breeding the most tender lettuces over a period of 10 years, we have created a delectable, modern lettuce. The artificial selection from 100% natural parent generations is done by hand. The result is a pollinated mother plant. From these seeds we produce many colours and varieties of lettuce. Years of patience and breeding have yielded the desired result.

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Lettuce 6 Pack
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Lettuce Triple Planted
Sept - March


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