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Apple Montys Surprise
Montys Suprise Fruit
Apple Montys Surprise
35 litre Apple Monty's Suprise
Apple Montys Surprise
Apple Monty's Suprise
Apple Montys Surprise
35 litre Monty's Suprise
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Apple Montys Surprise

The apple variety Monty's Suprise was discovered by chance, growing on a road side in Wanganui and has already become one of the most talked about fruit tree varieties world wide. This wild seedling bears large fruit with very high levels of procyanidins as well as quercetin flavanoid compounds. These are known to be very beneficial in the prevention of some forms of cancer but are sadly lacking in many modern apple varieties. The fruit is large , ripening in April with green skin blushed red. The fruit is crisp and tart and can be used as an eating or cooking apple.

Plant Care

Apples in general require a fertile well drained soil and should be planted in a sheltered location. Because of the size of the fruit Monty's Suprise should be pruned each winter to remove any weak branches or poor branch unions that may breakk or split under the weight of the fruit.


We produce Apple Monty's Suprise in a 35 litre advanced specimen tree grade so as it can be planted either in a home orchard or as a small deciduous shade tree in a more compact garden.
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Apple Montys Surprise
35 litre


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3.00 x 4.00m

Native / Exotic

New Zealand Native

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